How you can be involved?

• Become an IEM partner

• Regularly pray and support the Mission.

• Start an IEM Prayer group in your area

• Invite a missionary to your church

• Support a missionary

• Help building a church in a needy area

• Visit Mission field

• Become IEM volunteer

We have come up with the following focus for the year 2018-19 along with our regular goals.

1. Spiritual Renewal and Prayer Mobilization

2. Team Building through Training, appointing new Missionaries, Evangelists, Area Secretaries, Members, etc.

3. Implementation of the new structure and follow-up.

4. Thrust on Child Care and Scripture Engagement Ministries.

5. Upgrading the data in all the levels in all the ministries

6. Intentional Community participation and Transformation.

The following will be our Action Plans to achieve the above said focuses -

a. Appoint more local evangelists, and make all the fields to have Scripture Engagement Programmes, which could be more church and community based.

b. Organize regional Koinonia (Fellowship) in our four regions where all the members of IEM will get an opportunity to be edified in God’s Word and be encouraged during the fellowship.

c. Start Day Care Centres in different mission fields, and we plan to admit 500 children. To have one Day Care Centre with 30 children it will cost Rs. 20,000/- a month. We need churches and families to support this and partner with us.

d. Women Development among the believers in the field, supporters in the churches and missionaries in the Mission.